Sarah from North Syracuse:

"I had a couple specific goals, and I have a very busy schedule. Monte  worked with me, and we are hitting my goals each month. I am glad to  have the personal service, attention and ideas he can provide."  

Chuck from Liverpool:

"Monte is a great personal trainer. He focuses on the areas I needed to work on and gives good tips."

Joy from Liverpool:

"I began working out with Monte about 2 years ago. My goal at the time  was to develop a fitness plan for an active lifestyle. I planned on  staying for approximately 3 - 4 months, but Monte kept switching things  up and I continued to see results (and here we are 2 years later). I  look forward to Monte's high energy (pump it up!) and commitment to my  overall fitness (and all of his clients). Monte is more than flexible  with my schedule."  

Lisa from Liverpool:

"Monte helped me with my athletic performance while playing volleyball  in high school and college, both in weight training and cardiovascular  training. He definitely motivated me to push myself in my training."   

John from Baldwinsville:

"I just started with Monte's Personal Training, but I like going to a  private gym where I can focus on building muscle and losing a couple  pounds. The privacy is a real nice advantage."

Jane from Liverpool:

"Monte has stressed to me the importance of fitness and a healthy diet  for a healthy life. He inspires me to make time for exercise several  times every week. When I workout with Monte, I feel great! I have also  lost weight."