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Monte Cole, Certified Personal Trainer

Monte's Personal Training programs are adapted and targeted to your personal  fitness goals, using the proper form and technique for each exercise. Workout in a professional, private gym that is not open to the public. Monte can advise you on diet, whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or gain strength and muscle.  

Monte's gym is located near Syracuse, NY, in the village of Liverpool, NY, and features a full line of workout equipment, including free weights, dumbbells, barbells, resistance  machines, and cardiovascular machines.    


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About Monte: Monte Cole is a certified personal trainer with 28 years experience. Monte grew up in the Central New York area. Monte played football at  Virginia Tech and Temple University, and majored in health education.  Monte has taken courses in sports nutrition and fitness. While at  Temple University, he was an assistant in their weight training program.   Monte has recently recovered from back surgery.  He understands the challenges of regaining strength and flexibility after dealing with arthritis and surgery. 


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Monte has trained clients of all ages and abilities. He helps clients  achieve their fitness goals, such as losing weight and toning. He can  help anyone at any age or ability to increase their fitness level and  strength.   

 Monte would like to personally thank his many wonderful clients. He is  giving each client a 110% effort everyday to achieve their fitness  goals.  

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Monte Cole's Personal Training

Monte Cole, Certified Personal Trainer 1801 Cold Springs Road, Liverpool, NY 13090